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Our Background

Initiated by the Expert Group Circular Water of the Water Alliance in The Netherlands, the Global Expert Group Circular Water is an international hub of public-private collaboration among water sector stakeholders to enable them to play a leading role in the speedy transformation into a Circular Water Smart Society. 


It provides an overview of the causes of the current water crisis, offers a vision on all circular water sources that can be safely used within the urban environment, and offers tangible solutions for the practical implementation of smart circular water solutions to reduce tap water usage and wastewater emissions by 25-45%. 


The aim is to:

- To promote the usage of save circular water for non potable applications 

- Discourage the use of tap water for non potable usage

- Urgently adjust regulations and building codes

- To promote and accelerate the acceptance of international standards from other states and countries in order to implement certified water-saving solutions.  

- Safeguard public health

- Ensure circular water to be at a lower price than tap water

- Encourage public-private collaboration

- Ensure livability of cities

So as to speed up the transition into a Circular Water Smart Society

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